Printing press management

Looppe Printing Press Management Software (LooppePRINT)

Why Looppe Printing Press Management Software?

Everyone knows it’s very hard to manage printing business successfully. If you are planning to deploy an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for your Printing industry, LOOPPE-PRINT is the right solution for those who are searching to drive their business admirably.

It’s specially developed as Cloud based application to automate the entire business process from Estimate to delivery; it is specially designed to get user based dash boards, Intuitive Upgrades, Exceptional Scalability, filtered MIS, Simple to Launch and centralized secure data storage.

Features of LooppePRINT

  • Create and manage your Estimates less than a minute including multiple pages and multiple quantities.
  • Automatic calculation of the estimate for various amounts.
  • Acutely Understand the cost of estimate with Paper cost, Machine cost, Operation cost, outsource cost etc..
  • Convert your Estimates as Quotations and work Orders.
  • Send Quotation by Email and print quick and easy way.
  • Manage customers including their credit, advance and accounts.
  • Manage work orders and worksheets of customers.
  • Connect Agents and salesman to work orders and customers
  • Manage Pre-Press and track the assigned work status.
  • Assign Machine for print by understanding the load of machine.
  • Assign printed sheets to Post-Press and outsource works.
  • Assign delivery to driver by selecting vehicle after completion of the Job.
  • User wise proper privatization to restrict unauthorized deals.
  • Track customer work orders by using customer WO-Number.
  • Generate Invoices by adjusting discounts and advanced payments.
  • Create and manage your Vendor accounts.
  • Complete purchase management solution including Purchase Request, LPO, Delivery Note, Goods return and manage bills.
  • Inventory and stock Management including low stock notification.
  • Hardcore accounts management includes payments, Asset, Journals and chart of Accounts etc...
  • Complete HR management module with leave, payroll and staff Loans.
  • Complete document management for office, staff and vehicle related.
  • Auto remainders from Document expiry, official govt. renewals and other defined automated appointments.
  • Generated and custom reports for users and admin from various stages,
  • Custom MIS to provide efficiency and effectiveness of strategic decision making for Management.
  • Update your costing by changing operational and machine cost.
  • Auto and manual backup of database for data security.

Core Modules of LooppePRINT

  • Estimate and Sales
  • Accounting
  • Production Management
  • Staff & HR Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Reports & MIS
  • Inventory and Stock Management
  • Control Panel

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